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By Lillie Crowther
Myers Park High School ‘24


Alexandra Lopez, 17, believes strongly in the value of community.Image preview

Lopez lives in the small town of Lewisville where she attends Forsyth Country Day School.

Studying at the school for 14 years from the age of 3, Alexandra had spent years as a student admiring those in higher grades for their involvement in the school community. Now a rising senior, Alexandra has also become an involved member of her community.

She participates in a plethora of school activities including the International Culture club, the school newspaper, volleyball and she serves as a University of Alabama Early College student ambassador.

As a Colombian American, Lopez has witnessed how misconceptions about other cultures can fuel stigmas towards members of those communities.

“I’ve been to Colombia a bunch of times, like every other year, and I never had an experience where I was scared or thought things that other people think surrounding Colombia,” Lopez said.

Alexandra recognized the increasing political turmoil in Colombia over recent years. However, in contrast to the stigma many have towards the country, she recalled from her own visits the beauty of the valley town her grandmother lives in.

“ No matter what part of the city you’re in you can see the mountains,” she said. “I think it’s just so beautiful and you don’t see that here.”

Advocating for education about diverse cultures, Alexandra is excited about what diversity will do for her generation.

“We’re more open-minded, I think, than ever,” Lopez said. “Learning from new cultures, old stereotypes are being abolished, and you can form your own ideas just by meeting people.”

Lopez is president of her school’s International culture club, where she has found gratification in exposing students to other cultures through the club’s bi-annual International Festival.

“I want to abolish stereotypes and spread truthful knowledge about places around the world,” Lopez said.

Lopez hasn’t decided on a college major, but is looking forward to becoming an expert in an area of study. She is interested in journalism, advertising and production. “(In high school), you have your five subjects and that’s kind of it,” she said. “College gives you the opportunity to explore something that you really love.”